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Generations of Experience

Studies have revealed that your fireplace is the one element of your home that is least likely to ever change or be modified;  so it is definitely best to build it right the very first time.  

Built incorrectly, a masonry structure, whether it be a simple cement block chimney or an elaborate stone fireplace, can be an extraordinarily costly affair to correct. Thousands of dollars of damage can occur when water penetrates a poorly flashed chimney or weeps into the house through low quality cheap bricks. Shoddy construction can cost dearly!

Hire a pro!

At Jones Brick & Stone we specialize in designing and building the highest quality chimneys, fireplaces, wood burning bake ovens, and other masonry projects.

  • We offer full consulting services.
  • We offer services to review plans, discuss problematic situations, and design solutions for your upcoming stone or brick projects.
  • We are available to both homeowners and contractors alike to answer any of your masonry questions.
  • We Specialize in giving rock solid advise to design professional.

Gary Jones

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