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Studies have revealed that your fireplace is the one element of your home that is least likely to ever change or be modified;  so it is definitely best to build it right the very first time. 

Benjamin Thompson was born in Woburn Massachusetts in 1753. Before his death in 1816 at the age of 61 he will have become made Count Rumford by the German aristocracy.  He holds the distinction of designing  the world's best fireplace.

Count Rumford was an active and prolific inventor, developing improvements for chimneys and fireplaces and inventing the double boiler, a kitchen range, and a drip coffeepot.

Perhaps his greatest design is the Rumford fireplace. This innovation in thermodynamics is a much more efficient way to heat a room than earlier fireplaces, and first created a sensation in London when he introduced the idea of restricting the chimney opening to increase the updraught. He and his workers changed fireplaces by inserting bricks into the hearth to make the side walls angled and added a choke to the chimney to increase the speed of air going up the flue. It effectively produced a streamlined air flow, so all the smoke would go up into the chimney rather than lingering, entering the room and often choking the residents. It also had the effect of increasing the efficiency of the fire, and gave extra control of the rate of combustion of the fuel, whether wood or coal. Many fashionable London houses were modified to his instructions, and became smoke-free. Thompson became a celebrity when news of his success became widespread.

Today nothing much has changed. The common elements of a modern day Rumford fireplace allow the firebox to be extraordinarily shallow, thereby bringing the majority of the fire's heat into the room rather than allowing the btu's to escape up the chimney. Authentic Rumford's are a true measure of a masons ability to blend the elements of earth and fire in your home creating a truly functional art for lasting generations. At Jones Brick & Stone we pride ourselves in building the very best Rumford fireplaces that can possibly be built.

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